World Cup #1

We have just returned from the first World Cup of the season in Guadalajara, Mexico, where I finished 10th in the Keirin competition. My coaching team and I are very pleased with this result from my return to the World Cup circuit and are eager and excited to continue working and improving as the season continues. Below are some thoughts from the racing but first I want to take a moment to acknowledge my new sponsors Aclaro Softworks and GenEthix! I am extremely grateful for the generous support these companies have shown me and I am proud to represent them! (Note- If you’re in the market for oil and gas software or supplements- I know the best peeps! : ) 


I was taken aback by the sudden and dramatic increase in pressure that the World Cup competition would bring. Competing against the world for the first time in two years was scary and it was the first real test of my form since the Olympics.

Sometimes, when there is so much pressure, there is an instinct to hide from it. I could feel a part of myself wanting to shy away from the racing, to run away from it. I wondered why I had put myself back in this world of extreme pressure and if I really belonged here.

Then the gun went off, my brain finally fell silent, and I was racing. In the keirins in particular, as soon as the gun went off, my focus narrowed and I was fully present in the moment of the race. My insecurities vanished as I enjoyed the challenge to get to that finish line first. I didn’t execute all my rides perfectly, in fact I was quite disappointed with a couple of them, but when I had my chance to race, I embraced the opportunity, attacked each one the best that I could, and loved it. Even though it may look like just a bike race, it was an opportunity just like any other to challenge myself, to bring the best out of myself, and to raise the bar.

I am going home now, back to school and to training and to my daily routine. In less than a month I will be back at a World Cup, uncomfortable and nervous; waiting for that fleeting moment when I get to race again.

Canadian Results

Guadalajara World Cup Nov. 7-9, 2014

SILVER! Women’s Team Pursuit (Jasmin Glaesser, Kirsti Lay, Allison Beveridge, Steph Roorda)

8th: Men’s Keirin (Hugo Barrette)

10th: Women’s Keirin (Monique Sullivan)

14th: Women’s Team Sprint (Kate O’Brien, Monique Sullivan)

17th: Women’s Sprint (Monique Sullivan)

16th: Men’s Team Pursuit (Aidan Caves, Eric Johnstone, Sean Mackinnon, Remi Pelletier-Roy)

16th: Men’s Team Sprint (Hugo Barrette, Joseph Veloce, Evan Carrey)

25th: Men’s Sprint (Hugo Barrette)

27th: Men’s Sprint (Joseph Veloce)

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