One month since the Games!

Today I start school again after 2 ½ years away. I’m nervous to be heading back, (I can’t remember anything) but Tara took me to a neuroscience seminar last week and I really enjoyed sitting in a classroom learning and am looking forward to more of that. (Did you know that a snail’s memory improves after eating dark chocolate? I know. This is great news.)

It was super fun to have “summer vacation” after the Olympics, I felt like a kid again! Mark and I went mountain biking at every opportunity and have been eating everything under the sun. We floated down rivers, stayed up too late and went to the mountains. I road tripped with my dad and we got to visit my sister in Vancouver. We saw Michael Franti warming up for a show in Bend, and it was really special to visit the PCL offices in Calgary and Edmonton.

I won’t be competing at the National Championships in Dieppe this week, I have a family commitment and to be honest I am grateful to have to opportunity to give back to my family who have supported me amazingly for the last years. I have done every National Championship for the past 8 years so it does feel strange not to be there, and I do wish Good Luck to everyone competing!

Stay tuned for what’s next and don’t forget to get outside and enjoy the beautiful end-of-summer days!!


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