We’re home!

What an amazing experience. We all knew it would be different than any other race but I didn’t realize how profound the impression would be.

I am still trying to process everything but here are a couple articles if you are interested. I don’t know what’s next for me exactly but it was extremely special to have the opportunity to share what we have been working on with Canada and to hopefully get some more kids excited about riding bikes!

Riding bikes is one of my very favourite things to do- whether it’s riding to school or racing a motorbike on the velodrome- I am so grateful to have the opportunity.

Some of my races can be watched here on CTV Olympics(Canada only)


“There’s a lot of heartbreak out there, but everyone was getting right back up to try again and fight again,” Sullivan said. “It was completely overwhelming for one thing, but it was absolutely amazing. We live in this bubble of track cycling where we’re working really hard every day, but no one sees it,” Sullivan continued. “Hopefully, people were watching at home and saw it and it gets them excited about following their own dreams.”

Everyone noticed the 23-year-old’s sixth-place performance in the women’s keirin, and it pushed her into serious medal consideration when the 2016 Olympic Games roll into Rio de Janeiro.

“I don’t think there’s any athlete that doesn’t have it on their mind,” Sullivan said of Rio. “There’s so many things that you think of that you did that maybe you can do better. I think that’s on everyone’s mind — ‘What could I do better?’”

Reflecting back on the whirlwind experience will take time, Sullivan said.

“Now, I just relax and try to process these million thoughts going through my head.”

Calgary Herald  – With video (at 1:12)

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this, this is only the beginning for cycling in Canada! 

PS A few photos

The track team before closing ceremonies Photo Geoff Kabush
We made a giant maple leaf using only our team issue rain ponchos and safety pins and carried it out during the closing ceremonies. It was really fun and Zach gets all the credit! Photo Jenn Turner
My first bike race in 2002! I was just a kid 🙂 Photo Stephen Burke
There were huge sponsor restrictions in the village but I snuck a PCL shot with the Canada moose!
My coach Richard Wooles and I- Photo Richard Wooles
Papa Sullivan on the left and my boyfriend Mark on the right- Photo Andrea Wooles
My first Olympic race! Photo John Tolkamp


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