Back at it

I can’t believe the World Championships ended less than 7 weeks ago.

After the World Champs everyone scattered home to visit family and friends. Mark and I escaped to Emerald Lake Lodge thanks to a very generous gift certificate from his old cycling group and had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. (Where we happened to run into the team’s sport science guy Mike Patton and his wife! 🙂 )

Mark has been working for almost a year now as an engineer “in the real world” and it has been so interesting to follow along. The lessons and skills he learned as an athlete and coach have transferred so easily to the workplace it has really given him an advantage. It is something that we hear about but I didn’t realize how true it was.

There is a lot of buzz around athletes at the moment and the videos that are starting to come out put goosebumps on my arms and tears in my eyes. (Here‘s a good one.) Each sport has their own qualification system but one thing remains the same: It is cut throat and no one does it alone, there is a huge support system behind every athlete.

Last week Mark Tewksbury posted a photo on twitter of all the cargo team Canada has shipped to London and it was a phenomenal amount of stuff. It gave me a small glimpse into the behind the scenes work that goes on to get the athletes at their best. When I think about the amount of work going into our small team for London, the world wide collective effort of the Olympic Games is staggering.

After a short break I got right back to work with a small endurance block. It felt refreshing to do something different and I was so happy to be out on my bike for long rides without the pressure to perform. At the beginning of May everyone who made the Olympic Selection Pool came back to LA. It had only been 4 weeks since I rode the track but it hurt something fierce!

Everyone is working hard and slowly getting back into the swing of things. There is sunshine everyday in California and we are soaking it in after the “mixed precipitation” we all faced riding in the “Spring” at home! (At least in Calgary!)

The Team Pursuit girls are all racing in the Exergy tour in Idaho this week, we had 3 Canadian girls on the podium last night and Gillian is still wearing the young rider leaders jersey!

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These are the only photos I’ve got! I will try to take more!

The trees smell like caramel! Photo credit Ken MacDonald- Near Palm Springs. (We also saw snakes and lizards and a huge windmill farm! )

Emerald Lake

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