World Cup #3: Beijing

It looks like my Olympic Qualification is destined to be close right till the end. (The end is April 7th)

The 200m time trial in Beijing went very poorly, so poorly in fact that we have made some significant changes in my training leading up to the next World Cup. The only way to learn is by making mistakes but sometimes I feel like I am running out of time to learn. I wish that we already had it all figured out.

But we don’t, and wishing doesn’t make it so. Even though it seems like worrying about it would help, it turns out that it doesn’t and so we just have to learn as much as we can at every race and move forward.

The keirins went a bit better for me and I made the 2nd round again which was positive. I finished 11th but because of complicated and in this case lucky Olympic details, I got 8th place points, and even though my closest competitor got 3rd, we are still very close on points. I have had some really good training since arriving back in LA, and it has been refreshing to focus on some new things.

Next Saturday we leave for London for a pre-Olympic test event and it’s a pretty big deal. I am guessing there will be 50 girls racing, and only 18 of them can qualify for the Games.

In other news, I officially have my own place! I’ve paid my dues sharing houses and fridges and showers and beds and forks and keys with both strangers and teammates in the four winters I have been training in LA, and now I get to do everything in the best way possible for me.

I really didn’t realize how much stress comes from living with 8 other people but I certainly notice the peace of coming home to my own place and I love it. (And my landlords are great! They left flowers for me for the day I moved in!) I am grateful to Richard Wooles for setting up houses for us for the last two years because I couldn’t afford my own place for all this time, but thanks to the support of PCL Construction, I will have my own place for the 6 months leading up to the Games. Having somewhere to call home where I can rest and recover is invaluable leading up to the Games and I simply couldn’t do it without their support.

Thanks again for following along and I hope to have some good news from London soon!

Take care,


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