Back in Southern California

After a great summer of living and training in Calgary, I am back down in Southern California and ready to officially start the year. (It’s a little bit like back to school except it’s back to the Home Depot Center.) After driving down with my dad (who is a great driving partner), I had to find a place to stay. Since we can’t commit to a one year lease it was very hard to find places but I did find one in the end, almost exactly where I wanted to live. The only down side is that it has a very bright bubble gum pink room. I think that the boys should take that one…

So we are back to the usual routine on the track, on the road, and in the gym and so far so good. After a big training block ahead my next race is a World Cup in Astana, Kazakhstan at the beginning on November.

I have started a new project, it was inspired by this, where I will be a pen pal with Calgary students. I am working directly with a school, but if you have kids who are interested in following along, the website is here. It will be loosely based around the grade 5 and 6 curriculum. My goal is to integrate my experiences with what they are learning in class to show them a new perspective and hopefully engage the students who otherwise wouldn’t be interested. Along the way I will be posting written and video blogs, interviews, and do in class visits. I am really excited about this opportunity and I think that the students and I will both benefit from it.

Stay tuned!

9x World Champion wearing my Campione bike shop T-Shirt!!
My summer project, a PCL wall quilt- Couldn't do this without their support!

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