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Since my last post I’ve finished my break and been back at training for about a month. I’ve been in Calgary for almost two months now and it has been so nice and fun to be in one place long enough to get settled and relax. Since I am the only one from my training group here in Calgary I’ve been tagging along with some other groups when I can. These past few weeks I have been doing lots of volume training and trying to do things different than normal.

I did a kickboxing/MMA workout at 2110 fitness with the wrestlers, and while punching a punching bag shaped like a person on its face for 60s as hard as I can isn’t really my thing, it was a really good high intensity workout! And I also tagged along with some downhill skiers for weights, running around, and balancing at the Nordic Center in Canmore. The change of scenery and people has helped me let go of the stress I felt during the season and just enjoy exercising and riding my bike!

This past week Mark and I went on an overnight mountain bike trip, and it turned into an awesome adventure! We had booked a cabin at Elk Lakes, packed up our panniers with food and clothes and rode in. The 10km distance took us 2½ hours! (On the track we ride 10km for warm up and it takes about 17minutes or so.) We were riding through thick sticky mud and our bikes weren’t very happy about it. But we were in no rush. When we finally made it up we couldn’t get into the cabin! The cabin had been broken into and the door was jammed. Since we didn’t have any utensils or cooking supplies we were going to have to turn around. Luckily Mark found a 500mL cup about a kilometer from where we were and it saved the day! We boiled our water and roasted up our sausages and slept under the stars. (Unfortunately the sleeping part wasn’t as romantic as it sounds, it was June 21st and we were asleep before the stars came out, and it was freezing!)

The next day we walked around the beautiful lake and headed back to Canmore to spend the night. The next day we did a great hike around Heart Mountain.

This week is back to business, with more specific training and no more mountain bikes. But I am looking forward to getting back into the old workouts now that I am fresh body, mind, and spirit.


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