Year 1 is over

I have been home for a couple of weeks since getting home from the Pan Am Championships in Medellin, Colombia. This race marks the end of the 2010-2011 race season, and the end of the first year of Olympic Qualifying.

With only one month after the World Championships until this event, I crammed in as much training as I could and so I went into the race with very little idea of what my form was like or how I would perform.

In the 200m time trial I qualified first and set a new track record (11.37s). I was very happy with this because it was the first time I have ever beaten the Cuban sprinter, Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez. In the end she defeated me in the sprint tournament and I took home the silver medal. She is a former World Champion in the 500m time trial and beating her was still a big step forward for me.

In the keirin competition I finished third. I made my move too soon, but I was petrified of being stuck in the back and was a bit impatient. Third is not too bad though, and I learned something for next year.

This has been a long season which began back in October with the Commonwealth Games, and my body has been begging for a break. But with Pan Ams being so important for Olympic Points and the last race before my off season, I wanted to finish strong, and I did.

If the Olympic Qualification were to end today, I would be qualified. But there is another important year ahead of me, with lots of desperate riders doing everything possible to edge me out of my spot. I will need to continue my progression and keep racing strong.

But for now I get to relax and rest for one more week!


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