Behind the scenes

There are many, many people working very hard behind the scenes of the track team. There are all the CCA staff, the Sport Center Staff, and others I don’t even know.

Here are a few of the people I see regularly and their roles. We haven’t always had so many people on our team and it makes a huge difference. I am super grateful to have their support and expertise, and they are also great people to be around!

Richard Wooles

Rich is the head coach of the track program. It is his job to oversee all aspects of the program and make the final call on all plans. He is Welsh but moved to Canada about four years ago to be closer to his wife’s family. He has created an attitude of excellence within the team and the changes since he started are innumerable.

He has been my personal coach for a year and working with him has given me new motivation for the sport. His philosophy is that the athlete knows what he/she needs and it is simply his job just to get it out of them. This has put me in the driver’s seat of my program and I am constantly thinking of ways to improve. He is teaching me to think for myself, to trust in myself, and to never settle.

Adam Duvendeck

Adam is a 2-time Olympian for the USA and has recently become head sprint coach. He is my day to day coach at each training session to make sure every workout is as good as it can be. Working closely with Adam over the past couple months has made a big difference in the quality of my training.



John Evans

Johnny is Team Manager/House Dad/Do everything that needs gettin’ done guy. He is currently living with us in the house in LA (a very brave man) and deals with little unmanageables all day long keeping things running smoothly. He works very hard for us, and we are very lucky to have him.



Michelle Wyngaarden and Steve Sleep

Michelle (Video analyst) and Steve (Video technician-no photo) are our movie people. Their role isn’t glamourous because they have to sit alone in the stands all day recording the training and racing. (They send it down to us in the infield wirelessly, and we can watch ourselves as soon as we sit down and learn before we even get up for the next effort) This tool can not be underestimated.


Sandy Gilchrist

Sandy is our mechanic. Constantly changing gears, tires, chains, and anything that needs fixin’. He has been doing it longer than anyone on the circuit and he knows his stuff. He’s got a thick scottish accent but if you can understand what he’s saying he’s also got a great sense of humor!



Dr. Tavis Campbell

Dr. Campbell doesn’t work with the team but he has been my personal psychologist for a year and a half. He has helped me greatly with my sleeping issues and keeps my mental state in check. When I start to feel anxious it is often his voice that I hear in my head of what to do next.


Dr. Jenn Turner

Jenn is our chiropractor, she makes visits down to the house in LA and comes with us on the road. She is very good at what she does, and she’s very good at explaining what’s going on so that we can make adjustments in our training and recovery. When she can’t make it on a trip it is very common to hear “I wish Jenn was here!”



Tanya Dubnicoff

Tanya was my personal coach for many years and is now the Women’s Team Pursuit Coach. She is very passionate and always gives it everything she has.




Sara Poutanen

(no photo) Sara is the track coordinator and she makes sure we have as few administrative duties as possible. It is so nice when you just don’t have to worry about finding a hotel, or organizing everyone to be on the same flight!


Note: Most of these photos were stolen from respective facebook pages. Facebook is public property right?


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