World Cup #3: Beijing

Beijing went well for me. In the 200m time trial I took 3 tenths off my time from this World Cup last year which is pretty significant. In the sprint rounds I stayed confident and raced smart. My tactics and my speed are improving and even though I am not winning all my races yet, things are starting to come together and my coach and I are both pleased with the improvement. I finished 11th in the sprints.

In the keirins I had two strong races but I made a couple mistakes that cost me and I didn’t move on to the 2nd round.

Next up is the last world cup of the season in Manchester. It is going to be a hard one, almost everyone is going to be there, but it is another opportunity to race and learn, and prepare for the upcoming World Championships in March

As for the next few days, I need to get over this jet lag!

PCL in China- Photo Tanya Dubnicoff

Beijing Velodrome- Photo Steve Sleep

View from the top of the mountain bike course- Photo Steve Sleep

Tara and Zach World Cup leaders in the omnium! Photo CCA


One thought on “World Cup #3: Beijing

  1. Fantastic!!!!! We are very proud of you…! We printed out the pic of you in China. Keep up the good work and ENJOY the ride! See you soon! XXOOX!
    Love and prayers,

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