On the road again

These days nothing in my life ever stays the same. I can’t remember the last time I slept in the same bed for more than a week or the same city for more than 2 weeks. Even in the team house I have rotated through 3 roommates and a short but glorious few nights on my own. When I am packing up my suitcase I sometimes wish I could just stay put for a few months and get into a routine, but who knows I might get bored!


It’s interesting though, how when I go to the World Cups, no matter if I am in China, Colombia or Manchester, I fall into a familiar, comfortable routine. I pack the same things using the same system. (Approximately 150lb of stuff!) I wear the same clothes on the plane, and bring the same comforts in my carry-on. (Noise canceling head phones, earplugs, sleeping pills-if it is going to be a long haul.) When we arrive it’s all about rest, recovery, and short, very specific workouts to get my body ready to race. I’m happy to say that it feels comfortable now, because I can stay calm and focus on my performance.


Tonight I am flying to China for World Cup #3 and looking forward to it. There are races to be won, mango Pocky to be had, and books to read. Update soon!



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