Last weekend I raced a Grand Prix in Perth, Australia and it was a great race. I was sitting in the infield getting ready as the announcers were prepping the audience for the upcoming spectacle. There were 9 World Champions present and as he announced each of them it felt like I was at a boxing match. He would bellow “She’s the 200m and the 500m record holder, she is the fastest woman ever to ride a bicycle, and she’s right here, in Perth, its SIMONA KRUPECKAITE!” When they announced the local favourite Cameron Meyer, 7 time World Champion, the building exploded into cheers.

As the racing got underway, a track record was broken and the riders raced smart and tactically, each one preparing for the important world cup ahead. I sat in the infield thinking to myself that so many people are missing out. If only more people knew about track racing and how exciting it can be.

Personally, I didn’t have the best race. It started out on a bad note with my 200m time trial, and I had to fight the whole way through. Even though I have been feeling strong in training, when I was racing I felt uncertain and nervous. It took until the end of the night to find my bearings and be in a race knowing what I needed to do to win that race. And happily I did win my last race, the keirin minor final. I am really happy to have done this race first, I and I am feeling much more confident headed into the world cup.

While I was in Perth I stayed with Darryl Benson, a local cycling legend and he was incredibly generous. Rides from the airport, food, my own room (a welcome luxury these days :), an awesome birdcage with about 20 birds, a pool, and, of course, a barby. Thanks Darryl!

Now I am Melbourne and it is great here too. We have been busy doing our final preparations and I am excited for the racing to get underway. (The World Cup starts Thursday Dec 2nd)

More to come!

PS It has recently been made public that Clara Hughes is going to ride again! I am so excited to have her join the group and learn from her. She has been a huge role model for me and I admire her determination.
Lets hope she doesn’t notice me acting like a groupie…

You can read more about it here


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