Down south

Last week the Canadian track team moved down to California to prepare for the Commonwealth games and the upcoming World Cup season. We will be based here for the next two years. Moving brings up all sorts of different emotions.

I moved down here in the middle of a pretty hard training block so I feel that some of the emotions have hit me stronger than usual. (As in very sudden very strong urges to be home in my own space, and also feeling very grateful to be training with such a great group of people.)

We are in a great place. Our “September house” is a split two condo house and is 96 steps away from the beach. It was just us girls and John (he is our team manager/driver/fix problems/buy beds/do everything guy) living here for the first few days and we enjoyed the extra space and roomy fridges. Although I have spent a lot of time with the group before I have never lived with them. It has many perks and a few challenges.

A few moments so far:
–> Yesterday morning I had a really tough workout and was a bit scared of the pain I was about to suffer through and I asked Zach if he ever felt that way. He replied “No. I get scared I won’t be able to hurt enough.”
And it was the perfect thing for me to hear at that moment. Looking back, I am always disappointed with my workouts when I feel like I wasn’t able to get the best out of myself that day. The workouts when you really suffer, although excruciating, are very satisfying.

Julia, myself, Steph and Laura at the gym
–>Later that day I was working out in the gym with the Team Pursuit girls (Laura, Steph and Julia) and I had such a great, great workout. We were working out with Ron who really helps me focus and reminds me to stay tight and strong. And I felt the strongest I have felt in the gym probably ever. Over the summer I have been working really hard on staying tight but it didn’t feel like I was improving. After two days with Ron he helped me put everything I have been working on together and I felt like a whole new woman.

In Ron's tiny but perfect gym

–>I ate the best tomatoes I have ever had. Ever.

–>My new nickname is Monk. (Rhymes with honk)

–>We have been having really serious conversations in the van on the way home. Like religion and vegetarianism and and the food issues around the world. And, well, Seinfeld.

–>I am a slow grocery shopper. I’m a looker and a reader and a find new things kind of shopper. On cycling trips, no matter how hard I try, I am always the last one out of the store. So the other day when there was a grocery run and I didn’t need any food, I thought I would join in and be the first one out so I could bring up my average.
However, once in the store, I was walking around with John who had all sorts of questions about what to buy organic or what was best to buy at this store. (We were at Whole Foods. Very few people can afford to buy all their groceries there but certain items are really worth the extra price.) So anyway, it turns out that John is a slower shopper than I am! (I found this wonderful by the way, because if I am with John then it’s not my fault that we’re last, and I enjoyed walking around with him.)
So we get to the lotion section and there is one with Fair Trade Shea Butter in it. I did a project on Shea Butter and really believe in supporting it so I told him to get it. He wanted to try it first so he took a squeeze (it wasn’t a sample) but then he wanted to lock the lid down so he had to squeeze it again. So now John has got a full handful of super thick white lotion. He immediately spreads it on his legs and arms and starts rubbing it in but it won’t absorb and so he is covered in what looks like cheap sunscreen and rubbing and rubbing and he are both laughing and giggling and thinking we are going to get in trouble. Maybe you had to be there but it was so funny.

We were last out of the store by like 30 minutes. My average is way down.

More to come!

PS Thanks to Laura Brown for the photos! I will try to get more!


2 thoughts on “Down south

  1. Canada misses you too, but you’ll be glad you’re there when it’s -1 million degrees here. Thanks for more laughs. Grocery shopping in the States is so fun…(PS Did you hear about Ariana winning the Poker Race at Hammerfest???)

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