I have come to realize that I don’t really like writing about my results on here. I would much rather write about the books I am reading or the awesome tea shops I got to visit. Speaking of tea shops, for those of you in Calgary, Mark and I went to a really cute one in Kensington called Elixir, and it was a whole tea tasting experience! We were the only ones in the shop and we learned all about different teas. Highly recommended.

Oh wait. I was supposed to talk about results.

Last week we had the National Championships in Bromont, Quebec. (Ham and Brie sandwiches at the IGA? YES PLEASE!)

I was the favourite in the sprint events and knew that I could win them all. (With my teammate Tara Whitten in the Team Sprint.) I was nervous because in most of the races I do these days I am not the favourite and I didn’t want to mess it up.

We had a training camp in LA beforehand to make sure I got in some proper training (the weather in Calgary has been very unpredictable) and then headed east.

I am very happy to report that I won all four sprint events. It felt like a weight off my shoulders because last year I was injured and did not win all of the sprint events. It felt good to race in Canada and show why I was selected for the Commonwealth Games. (I also got to do an interview with CBC in between racing which was super fun.)

Up next is Commonwealth Games and I am back training hard. I am so excited!

Thanks to Tim Sherstobitoff for the photos!


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