This autobiography is dark and brutally honest but I feel that Agassi speaks for a lot of athletes who struggle with fear and perfectionism.
If only all books were this good.

I don’t often write in my books but I couldn’t help myself here, I had to read this one with a pen.

“Andre, I won’t ever try to change you, because I’ve never tried to change anybody. If I could change somebody, I’d change myself. But I know I can give you structure and a blueprint to achieve what you want. There’s a difference between a plow horse and a racehorse. You don’t treat them the same. You hear all this talk about treating people equally , and I’m not sure equal means the same. As far as I’m concerned, you’re a racehorse, and I’ll always treat you accordingly. I’ll be firm, but fair. I’ll lead, never push. I’m not one of those people who expresses or articulates feelings very well, but from now on, just know this: It’s on man. It is on. You know what I’m saying? We’re in a fight, and you can count on me until the last man is standing. Somewhere up there is a star with your name on it. I might not be able to help you find it , but I’ve got pretty strong shoulders , and you can stand on my shoulders while you’re looking for that star. You hear? For as long as you want. Stand on my shoulders and reach, man. Reach.”
Gil-Andre’s trainer

“Above all I told her that it would be dangerous to surrender to fear. Fears are like gateway drugs, I said. You give in to a small one, and soon you’re giving in to bigger ones. So what if she didn’t want to perform? She had to. “ Andre Agassi

“This is why we are here. To fight through the pain and, when possible, to relieve the pain of others. So simple. So hard to see.” Andre Agassi


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