A busy summer

As usual, I had very good plans to write about my summer adventures and chickened out.
Here is a very quick recap.

Portland might possibly be my new favourite city and I want to go back there. (Street names in alphabetical order! What an idea!) Powell’s was amazing, as was Bolt. (I got some fun stuff from both places including beautiful fabric paint (Oh the possibilities!) And a book with a hundred versions of solitaire (I am on a card kick). Oh and there was racing too. An awesome race on a very tricky track to ride and I had some fun.

Pennsylvania was HOT. But the track in Trexlertown is fast and has a great crowd. I had the opportunity to race with some Canadian, American, and Dutch riders and got some good training in.

Then it was back to Calgary for two really great weeks at home. The nights I get to spend in my own bed are very limited these days and I loved it. There was a lot of rain but I got really lucky at the track and didn’t miss any training. As a bonus, I got to meet these two girls who are about the same age I was when I started riding (12). They are awesome and are working very hard to stick with the boys at the thursday night racing. It brought me back to when I was that age and would get lapped and lapped when racing with the boys. It didn’t matter though, I just loved riding that track. They are a very good reminder of how I got hooked on cycling myself back in the day.

Off the track I ate lots of blueberries, spent a lot of time playing with my fabric paint and sewing, and pestering Mark who was usually trying to read.

Now I am back in LA for a training camp before Nationals next week in Quebec.

I was also named to the Commonwealth Games team a few weeks ago and I am still thrilled about it and really looking forward to the experience. I have never been to a Games (an event where there are multiple sports together like the Olympics) and it feels so much bigger and more special than a Championship (An event with just one sport, like the World Championships).

With summer coming to a close I hope everyone is eating peaches and soaking up the sun. I would love to hear from you!



4 thoughts on “A busy summer

  1. Monique

    I am thrilled to hear you have made it onto the commonwealth games team. It could not have happened to a finer or nicer young athlete. Now prepare for your personal best at that event. I will be cheering for you!! Keep well and thanks for the update.


  2. Hi Monique,
    Thanks for all the encouragement you have given to Ariana. She was excited to have her picture on your blog. You are an inspiration to female cyclists everywhere. We missed having you here for racing last night. You are a friendly person who always has something positive to say. It was a great night. The weather was perfect and the rain held off long enough to finish all the races. The cyclists’ pace was fast and furious. Jacob won his first race and Ariana continues to cycle with great heart and determination. We hope your training is going well.
    Thanks again.

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