Now we wait

Jules from the kids group in LA!
The beginning of my first week in LA was a little bit tough. My legs weren’t very happy to sprint after several weeks of volume training but I just kept telling them to smarten up and go faster and reluctantly they came around. Just in time! The day of the trials was the first day I felt comfortable on my bike. And I made the time standard! I was really happy. I ended up doing one of my best ever 200s on the LA track.

This means I have done everything I can to make the Team for the Commonwealth Games in India. The rest is up to a selection committee and the team will hopefully be named soon.

This week I am in Vancouver because of a lucky turn of events. I was supposed to be in LA for one more week but the track is closed! They are replacing a generator or something. I found out about 5 days ago and immediately booked a flight to Vancouver where the guys are having a Team Pursuit camp. This week Mark and I are being hosted by a team mate named Daniele and his girlfriend Stephanie.

Stephanie nicely rolling Daniele's legs for recovery
It is so hot here and I am relaxed already. The rest of my trip is mostly training with some fun races so the pressure is off and it feels good. Summertime!

As for adventures, I had another one this morning when I locked myself out of the house! The three others were gone to the track and I went outside (in my pyjamas) to grab something from the car not knowing that the doors automatically lock from the outside. It would be another 3 hours until they were home so I had to improvise. I could get into the shed where my bike box and the others’ bikes we were being stored, but I couldn’t build my own bike because I didn’t have my tools. But I did have a pair of shorts and a jersey hiding in my bike box. I hopped on Stephanie’s bike and I went on a ride in my flip flops!

Imagine: I’m riding down the side of the road in spandex, flip flops, no helmet, no water, no tools if I get a flat, no cell phone and no money, on a stolen bike!

There is more than one way to do a recovery ride.

After my ride (I could only ride for about an hour with no water in 30 deg temperatures) I drank from the hose and stretched on the grass. A surprisingly nice morning in surprisingly sunny Vancouver.


4 thoughts on “Now we wait

  1. Just read your blog and had a good laugh. I’m sure Mark was thrilled you were able to fly to Vanc.Good luck on the selections!

    1. Thanks Ken, it has been great seeing Mark, and he has also enjoyed being out of the house with the other boys. Daniele and his fiance (news to us this morning!) are very nice hosts. Now if they would only announce the team for commonwealth!

      Have a good week,


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