Summer “adventure” part 1

Today is day 2 of my month long training adventure. I am calling it an adventure because I will be flying solo for a lot of it and any time I am by myself it is more fun if I call it an adventure.

The first leg of my trip is preparing for trials for the Commonwealth Games. When I found out, about 4 years ago, that the 2010 Games were in India, I instantly wanted to go. (I mean its India!) These Games have been on my hit list for a long time and I hope I can pull out a good enough ride next week to qualify. Cycling has only been given a few spots and they are being divided between road, mountain bike and track.

The other athletes are flying in right before the trials and I am by myself at a hotel in Carson CA, (read: border of Compton). I can’t wander too far but today I ventured out for groceries by bus and learned that groceries that don’t seem very heavy at the checkout will be much heavier after 25 minutes of walking! (I am a sprinter, I should know these things.)

After fuelling up I headed to the track where Tanya had her performance group. The kids are getting ready for Jr. Nationals next week in PA. It was fun to join them for my training. I remember when I was a junior and Nationals was one of the only chances I got to race against only girls of the same age. It is where I started to learn about tapering, peaking, and performing under pressure.

One of my best racing memories is from 2005 when Nationals were in Calgary. I was a 2nd yr Cadet racing with the juniors and it was my first real nationals. I was so excited to be racing and I felt so ready, I swear I was “in the zone” all week. (And I won!) Since then I usually put so much pressure on myself it’s hard to get back to the place of just racing for fun. Maybe that will be my goal next week for the trials.

India here I come!


4 thoughts on “Summer “adventure” part 1

  1. Monique,
    I feel the energy moving you in the direction of India!
    Go Girl Go, you are an inspiration!
    Looking forward to watching it all happen.
    Cheers, Sheilagh

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