Back in business

It is a little bit intimidating to update here after so long.

The spring is always a weird time of year for me as I transition from being focused on a goal to resting, from on the road to at home, from busy to sedentary. I wasn’t sure what to share on here so here are some highlights:

1. Two new Personal Bests at the Pan Am Championships last month. I am getting close to the national records!

2. Finishing a quilt I started last fall. It is not fancy but it tested my patience and I love love love it! (note: As I was making it I swore I would never make another one, and I already want to make a new one!)

3. Volunteering at an elementary school. It has been several weeks and it has been amazing hanging out with kids all day.

4. Replacing the hideous blue ceiling fan in my bedroom. It felt like it took an hour to get it down and 2 minutes to install the new light. It was amazing. The screws that came with the new light were the same size as the nuts in the ceiling. It’s standardized!!! Now if only bike parts were standardized…

5. BEING HOME! No details required here

I am back training now and preparing for the Commonwealth Games trials on July 6th. A new year begins!


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