Getting ready to go fast!!

Motorpacing, when done right, has the incredible ability to make you feel awesome. First of all, you are riding behind a motorbike (which is already pretty cool) but being in the draft make the efforts feel effortless. All I have to think about is staying tucked in behind the bike and my legs just spin themselves. And they spin fast! Today I was going about 4-5 seconds faster over 500m than I can do on my own, which works out to about 10km/h faster!

I am writing today from my room in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, where we are having a holding camp. Tomorrow we are flying to Copenhagen to settle in for the racing March 24-28. The World Championships are going to be here next year so it has been really good to get on the track and get to know it before next year. (The track, with its gradual bankings, has made for some excellent motorpacing!)

Last year there were 4 riders representing Canada at the World Championships and this year there are 9! It is a very young team, and because of tapering, most of us have extra energy that is turning into nerves. We have been very careful to eat long meals and go out for coffee to stay out of our rooms and out of our heads so we can stay calm and wait for the big show to start.

It is very obvious however, that everyone here wants to do their very best, prove something, ride a personal best, and continue to learn and grow and be one step closer to the Olympics.

I will keep you posted!



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