a happy ending

I was 0 for 2 in finding a happy place to stay in LA. (Other than the hotel right near the track, which also happens to be right on the border of Compton, which we often use when we’re here for shorter training camps.)

But now I am 1-2 because of a very generous couple, TJ and Michelle, who have taken me in for my final two weeks in LA when my rented room was becoming unliveable.

The rented room was in a nice area, and at first it seemed fine. But it became apparent that even though I was offered the place, and was paying a very fair rent, I was no longer welcome. Unfortunately this became apparent through very subtle signs and actions that were manipulative and very draining.

Finally, when the rent was suddenly increased, (we didn’t have a contract, lesson learned) we decided it was no longer acceptable and TJ and Michelle took me in.

And it has been so wonderful to be in a positive environment. They have been incredibly generous; TJ has even borrowed a motorcycle to get to the track so I can use his car!

They are both very busy, TJ has been coming to the track 4 times a week and Michelle is training for the LA marathon in two weeks, on top of their full time jobs as engineers.

Taking me in was undoubtedly something else added to their schedule and I do not overlook that having someone else in your home can make it feel different.

But I am so grateful.


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