I am officially a full time athlete.

Two weeks ago I signed a form and faxed it to the University of Calgary and withdrew from the engineering program.

This was a long time coming. It might be true that I should have done this three years ago. But I have always been a nerd, and I have always loved school. Until now, I wasn’t able to put that part of me aside.

But here I am.

And with some free time. Free time that I am using to think about, well, me. The things that make me ride faster and the things that help me recover. It is not something I am used to, and it is not something that is easy.

Math is right or wrong. There isn’t a whole lot of grey area there. But me? I am all sorts of grey and purple and green and red.

Even though I have been having trouble with my landlady, my trip to LA thus far has been much better than last year. There is a great group to ride with, I am staying in a nicer area and I am living with a friend.

But it is far from home.

And after two months, all I really wanted was to do was go home. To watch the Olympics on CTV instead of NBC. To eat dad’s pancakes and mom’s roast chicken. To sleep in my own bed with my own pillows. Those things make me happy. And so with five weeks until the world championships I took a few days away from training to go home and get filled up for four weeks of intensity.

And you wouldn’t believe what a great trip it was. The Olympics were absolutely incredible. (CTV did an amazing job don’t you think?) Spending time with Mark in our own space was priceless. The Chinook and 10 degree weather was beautiful. And I got to visit with a friend who was in town on reading week.

So figuring out what makes me ride fast goes far beyond finding the best training facilities and equipment. It means figuring out what will make me happy so that when I go to the track I am motivated and fast.

I know I won’t always get the chance to fly home for the weekend, but I sure am grateful that I could.

And I have a feeling it is going to show this week in training!


3 thoughts on “I am officially a full time athlete.

  1. Congratulations! There is always time to go back to school; trust me.
    It was great to see you in town. I apologise on behalf of our group for using up some of Mark’s time when he could have been visting with you.
    Happy training!

  2. Hello Monique,

    Just all the best and succes in Copenhagen. I will send the photo’s if your adress mmjs etc. is correct.

    Your Photografer Fred from Apeldoorn (Love to hear from you)

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