In the kitchen

Since we have yet to travel to Paris for a World Cup, food on the road is never quite as good as cooking for myself at home, and so my jet-lag-recovery-ritual includes putting the effort in to cook nice things for myself.

This week instead of throwing something together with whatever was in the fridge, I was always in the mood to find a new recipe, ride to grocery store to buy ingredients and come home to cook.
Here’s what I made:

Mexi Squash Spicy flavourful spaghetti squash. The photos on this site make everything look delicious. These healthy muffins are from the same website and I really liked them too.

Warm-butternut-and-chickpea-salad-with-tahini-sauce Once you’ve got the squash cut up this recipe is pretty easy and a nice blend of flavours.

Chai tea concentrate If you like chai this is a really nice way to get some in the mornings. It is sweetened condensed milk blended with spices. You just stir in a few teaspoons into your black tea and it gives it a pretty nice chai flair.

Chocolate Granola Maybe not the healthiest breakfast every morning but it is dead easy to make and makes a killer afternoon snack.

Vietnamese sub I have always been a fan of the cilantro, pickled carrot and spicy chicken sandwich and this is a good twist on the traditional. (I made mine with chicken and not tofu like in the recipe.)

And lots and lots of salad. Lots.

Training is starting up hard again next week and so I am not sure if I will have as much interest in searching and finding creative recipes, but if I do I will link to them here.


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