Colombia take two

There is a speed skating World Cup at the Olympic Oval this weekend, and yesterday I was watching the Dutch skaters do their pre race thing in the gym. It was really great. They were doing single leg jumps across the room like it was effortless. They were calm and confident and knew what they needed to do to prepare their bodies to perform. I find it very exciting and motivating to be around the energy of high performance athletes, which is what always brings me back to the Oval in Calgary.

As I was watching I had to remind myself that in about 10 days I will be doing the same thing. I will be competing in my first World Cup of the year in Colombia Dec 11-13th. Last week at a training camp in LA I felt so much stronger than at the last camp that I know I am ready to race again, and seeing the skaters was a perfect reminder for how I want to feel.

I was in Colombia not two months ago and I loved it. We were so well taken care of and the racing was so fun that I cannot wait to get back into it and see how my training has paid off. I feel more relaxed about this World Cup than the others simple because my last racing experience there was so positive.

An extra bonus is that Mark is coming too! He has qualified for his first World Cup. We are part of an 11 man team, possibly the largest Canadian team ever sent to a World Cup and we are all excited and ready to show ourselves. You can follow results at Tissot Timing and I will try to keep you posted.

Enjoy the snow suckers!


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