You train 2-5 hours per day and you have 20 hours to mess it up.

The National Development team was in Victoria at the Canadian Sport Center Pacific for a testing and Speaker workshop last week, and it was all about the other 20 hours, when we are not our bikes, and how we can use them to maximize our training and performance.

You can read about the speakers for Day one, Day two and Day three. The CCA put in the effort to get really good speakers and it made a real difference.


I have to admit that I have been convinced of the benefits of yoga, that I am going to try really hard to keep a proper training diary, and that the best way to teach athletes about nutrition is to put them in a room with empty bellies and giving them healthy food to eat.
Here is a little video, enjoy!

And, coming into flu season, you should know that probiotic yogurt is more effective at preventing and shortening colds than Cold FX and vitamin C. (Although Cold FX and vitamin C are also effective)


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