Can I come back next year?

This was my first international event that was not a UCI race. Meaning, there were riders from all over the world racing together and the results didn’t matter. (Except for the money to be won!)

It took a few days for the countries to warm up to each other and meld, but it was really cool to meet so many riders from other countries and get to know them in a way that’s not possible with the pressure of a World Cup or Championship event.

On the last day we went on a tour which ended at a local mall (which was huge and busy and crazy) and Laura and I lost track of time and were running late to meet the group to go back to the hotel. We weren’t sure exactly where we were supposed to go and Laura says “Keep your eyes open for the other Canadians!” (or something to that effect) to which I replied “I am the only other Canadian here!”

Since everyone was put on teams with new riders, we piled into buses together to ride to the track, we warmed up together and ate our meals together, it started to feel like we were all on the same team!

columbia#3 020
This photo is not very clear but here is the main group of international riders (11 countries represented here).

Day two of racing was postponed because of rain delays. However, everyone was warmed up and ready to go when the racing was cancelled. Can you picture 13 athletes hopped up on sugar and caffeine ready to race, piled into a van? It was great fun.

columbia#3 010
Walter ‘Superman’ Perez getting ready to “fly” out the window

The racing finished off pretty well for me, I got 4th in the chariot race, 6th in the match sprints and 6th in the keirin. After a long stretch without good racing I am coming home with specific things to work on for the next couple of months and I am happy to have a clear focus.

I am travelling home all day today, tomorrow I am home for a day for school, to do some laundry, unpack my track bike and load up my road machine and at 7 am Wednesday I will be on my way to a testing camp in Victoria BC. I am quite looking forward to the camp for the testing and speakers but also to visit my brother and sister! I get to spend a precious extra day with my hippy siblings.

columbia#3 027
Local street food

columbia#3 008
Laura Brown (Canada) and Gregory Bauge (France)

columbia#3 014
Photos for sale. 5000 pesos each. ( About $2.50 CAN) I got a good racing photo but forgot it with Jeremy.

All in all a great experience and I hope to be invited back next year!


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