This trip has been really great.

The organizers are doing a great job at making everyone feel comfortable and we have everything we need. 12 road bikes to grab right before you race, 20 sets of rollers for anyone to use, mechanics, soigneurs, a really nice hotel and custom skinsuits!

columbia #2 001
Warming up at the hotel!

And the racing. My goodness! I have always loved racing in South America. The crowds, racing outdoors at night with lights, the warm weather, it really is a whole different experience.

columbia #2 011
Laura warming up for her scratch race. Notice the maple leaf on our skinsuits? Everyone has a representation of their flag around the leg on their suits!

For me, last night was a small personal victory. I finished 3rd in the 200m TT (which was an event here, not just a qualifier) in front on Lizandra Guerra (past World Champion), Sandie Clair (past Jr. World Champion) and Clara Sanchez (past World Champion). This is not a big race, and these girls are not on top form, but to be in the mix was really special for me because I have been struggling with injuries this summer and I felt so far behind.

columbia #2 015
A view of the city.


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