This week I am in Medellin, Colombia for an invitational track meet. There are small teams from France, New Zealand, Lithuania, Canada, USA and others. With big names here, (though not likely on perfect form) the racing should be fun and competitive.

My notable things to mention don’t really fit into a cohesive written report so here are some tidbits.
• Driving to the track is like an old school videogame. We have police escorts on motorbikes who block lanes of traffic for our ‘convoy’ (three 12 passenger vans) and we make the tightest corners and find the smallest holes to fit into. On the way home today the van behind out us actually hit us! A small rear ender with no damage but it sure was funny.
• The track is outdoors and concrete, not very fast but with a great mountain view and it is fairly steep.
• Really great chocolate for very cheap.
• Very interesting lingerie shops on the street. Superwoman bra and underwear anyone?
• We will be racing at night in front of huge crowds. Laura and I saw an add for the race on TV this afternoon!
• We were all put on sponsored teams and will be given jerseys to wear during the racing. The Canadians are on team Shimano.
• We passed an outdoor gym driving to the track today. The bars had concrete buckets at each end for weight, and chin up bars. Pretty creative, and the place was buzzing!

Racing starts tomorrow night and I promise to have more to share (including photos)
Until then have a good one!


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