Lake O’Hara

This post is desperately late but it cannot be forgot.

Immediately after pan ams, two friends and I drove down to Lake O’Hara to join Miss Ellorie Mcknight who works at the lodge. For those who don’t know about Lake O’Hara, it is a privately owned lodge and campsite 10 km in from the road in Yoho National Park. You have to hike up or catch the bus and it is worth the trouble. It is absolutely gorgeous and I had SUCH a wonderful time with old friends.

(Most of these photos are stolen from Carly)

3 girls

Ellorie suggested that we climb this. We politely declined.

Lake McArthur. We went skinny dipping here, in the middle of the day! It was amazing.

On Saturday nights the lodge staff put on a show. Here is Ellorie singing her own song with the ukelele. It was brilliant, and when she sends me a copy I shall post it here.

In all my National Parks exploration, this is as good as it gets.


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