A few random bits to share today.

My arm is healing really well, I am officially allowed to start riding on July 1st, and am now able to ride a stationary bike and go to the gym.

I have been taking a spring course and it has been a life saver for the last few weeks. My midterm last week forced me to focus on something other than seinfeld and I aced it! (Possibly my best university mid term mark ever.) It feels good to use my brain again after taking the winter semester off. (And for those non-enginerds out there, finding the velocity of point C on a tire rotating with an angular velocity of w on a 60 degree slope is very satisfying.)

Thanks to Kelly Anne Erdman who donated me a ticket, last night I had the opportunity to see Phil Liggett (for those who don’t know, Phil Liggett is a cycling commentator, this year he will be doing his 37th tour de France!) and it was pretty interesting. At first it felt like I was watching the tour on TV (his voice is very distinct) but he had some very cool stories. Stories about Eddy Merckx and the Italian Mafia! I spoke with him afterwards and he said that when I win worlds that I can come talk to him, that he’ll remember my name. I also met a PCL employee, Bill Elzinga who is new to the Calgary branch and a recreational cyclist.

This weekend is Banff Bike Fest and tomorrow there is a crit (riders do about an hour of a 1km loop through downtown Banff, a very, very exciting race to watch) if you are interested in watching a fun race come on out the elite men’s race starts at 8pm. (Women at 7) I will be there!


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