I saw the doctor today and he so kindly removed my cast… in the most painful way!

I have fractured my radial head and apparently the most common long term concern with this type of break is not regaining full range of motion in both wrist and elbow. So in order to prevent my arm from seizing I cannot keep the cast on. When the doctor moved my arm around it was agony! I was shaking uncontrollably. Anyway, I have to move it as much as possible and it will “hurt but not harm” my injury. (And trust me. This aft was not fun. I am feeling a bit better tonight.) I go back in 2 weeks.

Doc says a couple months till I am back on the road. We will see about that.

When I asked if I could ride a stationary bike he said yes but that I would get a better workout on a Stairmaster. Really doc? What do you think I do all winter? Maybe I’ll give it a try…


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