From NYC to Montana

note: I will add pictures when I get home….

New York was really, really cool. I am still amazed by the subway system and how brilliant it is. Central Park was absolutely gorgeous, I had no idea it was so big and it was unbelievably green. Right in the middle of the city. I saw Susan Sarandon on stage in a play that was a bit strange and a bit boring but had a redeeming ending. Nicolette’s brother was in an off Broadway show called The Dying City (am I supposed to underline this or use quotation marks or italics? English class was so long ago…) which was really good. It was in a small theatre so it felt like you were right up on stage and I love the way the stage was set up. A picture hanging from the roof as a wall, a virtual window etc.

The Purl Bee is a blog that I have used almost entirely to teach myself how to sew. They have great tutorials that are easy to follow. Their fabric store is in New York and just happened to be on Sullivan St. Serendipity anyone? I made it out there one day and while the others continued shopping I spent at least 45 minutes in a store that was about half the size of my bedroom! It was so cute.
Times Square didn’t so it for me and neither did the 6 floor Macy’s but I loved the quieter parts of the city and the Guggenheim museum.
I think it would be amazing to live there for a year to get to know the culture and get a real feel for the city.

This weekend I hopped in the car with my parents when they told me they were going down to Montana for the weekend. Eureka, Montana, what a gem! So different from NYC but beautiful in a whole new way. The cabin is completely hidden in the woods, a lake is a short walk away and the weather has been wonderful. He even has a little gym so I could do my workouts. After my ride yesterday we stopped for milkshakes but there was no milk in these. A cup full of ice cream with a touch of half and half to loosen it up. Wow. Even after my ride I wasn’t hungry for hours.

Apparently Pan Ams will now be held in August, although no date has been set. I think this is better for me, gives me some more time to get in gear. I have been having a hard time getting back into things but I think it is starting to come around.


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