A nice Saturday ride

On wednesday when I got caught riding in the snow and didn’t turn around I felt that I was proving to myself that California didn’t make me soft, and that the chest pain and heavy breathing would make me tough. I enjoyed it. But I was kind of hoping it was a one time deal.

I waited out the weather as long as I could today and the sky seemed pretty clear when I headed out for my ride today.
Unfrotunately alot of things can change in two hours!

When it started snowing lightly I thought it would pass and continued my ride. Soon it was snowing very heavily and I could not look up. I kept my head down as I slowly pedaled my way out of the city. There is something nice about the tunnel vision. The cold and wet was not bothering me and I was just thinking about my pedal strokes. Until I realized that it was snowing quite hard and I didn’t have any lights.
Better to turn around.

But then I got a flat.

I have to give credit here to Mark, who insisted that I get into a habit of bring a spare. And holy moly it sure is nice to have a spare when it is cold and snowing.

I don’t know how cold it actually was but my fingers froze very quickly and I was praying someone would stop so I could change my tube in their car. When I finaly finished I was covered in mud and I could not feel my fingers enough to get them back into their spots in my gloves. So I crammed them in there and went on my way. I couldnt clip in to my pedals because of the mud in my shoes.

Luckily I had planned a tailwind and downhill ride home and cruised home to safety.
Just as the snow stopped.

I know it was not the most epic ride ever. But that’s about as epic as I would like my staturday rides to be, and I enjoyed the adrenaline.


One thought on “A nice Saturday ride

  1. thats epic enough for me, yikes, not clipped in? if it makes you feel better, I was playing soccer yesterday and got my first sun burn of the season! Soccer was so much fun! xox

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