Rest Days


When I am halfway through the season I dream about rest days. Days filled with anything I want to do. I can wake up whenever I want, I am not tired, and everything on my to do list gets done because there’s nothing on it.

Somehow, somehow, this is never the case. In recent memory I cannot think of a rest block where I was any less tired than when I was training. My body, it seems, wants to take advantage of the days off and I get even more tired. And emotionally I get a bit crazy. I try to plan my whole year when I am in no state to think at all. So I have to let it pass, let my body and mind recover and process the past year and I always come around. My motivation returns and I start to feel like myself again.


To pass the time this go around I worked on my sewing. I borrowed a sewing machine from Mark’s mum and sewed everything I could think of. It was very satisfying to make little purses, a simple quilt, and(!) finish up two birthday presents that were due, respectively, one and two months ago.

In order to compensate my next project is for a birthday in July, July 4th to be exact, so hopefully even with training starting up again that one gets finished in time.

I have also been riding lots. Apparently, when you don’t have an email telling you exactly how long and how hard to ride your bike that week, you still want to go out and do it anyway! Real training has started though and I got stuck in the snow this afternoon. (Note to self, even if it is overcast, wear sunglasses if it might snow. It is not so soft and billowy at 50 km/h!)


Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful January day. (It really would make a beautiful January day!)


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