worlds review

I stopped posting for a little while because I was busy with racing but also because I was not sure exactly how I was feeling about the racing.

I would say that I did fine in both my events. Going into a competition like the World Championships, I set my goals high and expected a lot from myself. And my races are so short that if I don’t qualify for the finals I really don’t get to do much. So when racing was finished I couldn’t help but think “that’s it? I have to wait a whole year until I get another chance?”

But the truth is that I don’t have to wait a whole year. I am doing trials for the Pan Am Champs this weekend which are in May. I am hoping to take a spring course in May-June and then go to Europe or Australia later in the summer for some more racing. I would love to go to France.

My 200 time was consistent with what I was doing in training and in the keirin I made a good move, but I also made some mistakes. I wished that I didn’t make those sorts of mistakes at the World Championships, and I was very disappointed after the keirin, but this was an opportunity to learn and grow and enjoy and I feel that I did that. I felt so welcomed on the team and really enjoyed my time in Poland. My lead up to racing was stressful and complicated but I didn’t focus on that and I went out and raced. Next year I will do better.

Taylor Phinney is a very talented 18yr old American who won his first Elite Worlds in Poland. I caught myself thinking that I (at my comparatively old age of 20) should also be on top of the world. But I am just not there yet. Hopefully someday.
As my brother wrote to me after the sprints, progress not perfection.

Also, Congratulations to Tara Whitten of Edmonton, and Zach Bell of Watson City YK for their silver medals in the Omnium. It was great to see Canada on the podium and so close to the top.

I placed 19th in the sprints and tied for 13th in the keirin


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