A few photos

Everything is going well here in Poland, Tara was seventh in the pursuit today and has improved from 16th place last year. She has done incredibly well this year, and has a lot more racing to come this week! Zach races the points race tonight.

Yesterday afternoon it was beautiful and I took a few photos from around our eastern European hotel.




It snowed last night and was so beautiful outside our window


And a photo from the track. (From left to right, myself, Tara, Travis and Zach)

When I was in Calgary I made these colorful almond cookies, and even though the colors are a bit crazy (or shall we say traditional?) they were delicious. (Mom and dad they are in the freezer under the fridge when you get home 🙂 )



2 thoughts on “A few photos

  1. Hi Monique,
    I finally found your blog. It’s the first one I’ve ever read. Very interesting.
    I had no idea you are such a chef. I’m going to try the brocoli and shrimp recipe.
    I hope all is going well and that you had a great Anniversary!
    Hope to see you soon.

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