I thought curve balls were for baseball!

What a little whirlwind this adventure south has been for me. Just as I started to feel really comfortable here, had finally settled into a daily routine and training was going fantastic, I was given some very surprising information. I will not be going to the World Championships.

Four Canadians qualified in individual events for the Championships, but as a country, based on the average number of entries at the World Cups, we only qualified three spots. It was evaluated that Zach Bell, Tara Whitten and Travis Smith have the best chances of doing top 10 performances and have been selected to participate. The entries rule had slipped passed the administration and the coaching staff of the CCA, tickets had been booked and everything was arranged. I was informed a couple of days ago that I would no longer be participating and was shocked. The main purpose of my trip here was to train for this race. I made the commitment to my riding. I left school and my boyfriend which were very hard decisions. I am riding as fast as I ever have. In the grand scheme of my cycling career I realize that this isn’t that big of a deal. But I had earned my spot to compete, and it has left me feeling confused.

I have not figured out what exactly I will do next, the Pan American Championships are in May and trials for these are at the beginning of April.

I am very grateful for my adventure down to California. I really did live the “full time athlete” lifestyle (in my own way of course, it involved learning to sew again which I am very pleased about) and I met some truly amazing people and friends. I will be sad to leave them for the summer.

The team heading down to Worlds is small but mighty, Travis is finally coming back after a very bad injury, Tara has made an awesome break through with 5 World Cup medals this season, and Zach won his first ever World Cup.

I look forward to posting their results!
Have a great week,


4 thoughts on “I thought curve balls were for baseball!

  1. NOOO!!! I DID read that paragraph in the rules and I thought it didn’t apply to us because it says ‘does not apply to national federations which enter less than four starters in all track events’.

    Monique I am very sad to hear this and I will miss my roommate. I know there will be many World Championships in the future for you, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is unfair. Stupid UCI and their incomprehensible and ever-changing rulebook.

    I will see you tomorrow anyway.

  2. As mentioned in my e-mail, your quote sums it up: “In the grand scheme of my cycling career I realize that this isn’t that big of a deal. But I had earned my spot to compete, and it has left me feeling confused.” Just keep looking forward to 2012 and future World Championships. Hope to see you soon.

  3. I guess the thing about curve balls is that sometimes they curve back the other way! Actually I have no idea if that is true; I know nothing about baseball. In any case, I’m glad to have my room mate back! See you soon! I bought a travel pillow for the flight this time.

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