Track Cycling 101

Track cycling can be confusing with weird event names like keirin and madison. Here is a short (home video) overview of the different events on the velodrome. Feel free to ask any questions if it is still confusing!


5 thoughts on “Track Cycling 101

  1. Good! This was just for you. I was worried you thought track racing was all about time trials and the banking was just for show šŸ˜‰ Maybe I’ll put up a contest to see if anyone can pick out the events I forgot!

  2. What???? I’ll have you know I have ventured up on the banking several times this winter!! Although I’ll admit that every time I waited at the rail for a bunch race to start I did wonder what I was doing way up there. It seemed so very far from the black line that people keep telling me to follow :).

  3. Come to think of it, I think when I made my move in the scratch race in Manchester it was only because I wanted to get down off the banking and back to the black line, and also away from all of those other people. I like having the track to myself!

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