The Aquarium

I turned 20 yesterday. And as it turns out everyone I hang out with is older than me so I can’t really bust out the “I am so old” line and get a very enthusiastic response. But I feel old! I had a moment yesterday (Tanya and I went to Disneyland, because you get in free on your birthday) and I was getting my Happy Birthday pin and it said #20 on it and I had my moment. My oh my goodness I am twenty moment as I remembered how old 20 was when I was 12. (I know it happens to everyone but its a bit shocking isn’t it?)

Luckily I’m not turning 30.

(ha ha?)

For my birthday my parents got me this really cool flip video.
I went to the aquarium on Friday and, of course, was trying out my new toy and made this little video. It’s nothing super fancy but some of the things were just so cool. The birds were my favourite they would come right on you and just sit there. I couldn’t believe it!


2 thoughts on “The Aquarium

  1. thank u for the video, now we can pass on the aquarium. good job and bye the way, “For Better or Worse Cookies” is such a cool name. like ur sense of real life in ur baking.

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