Denmark reviewed

World Cups are just so dramatic for me.

Manchester was amazing; I was very nervous but I stayed focussed and did the time standard set out for me. I finished in the top 6.

Beijing was difficult but optimistic because my form wasn’t there leading into the race but once the racing started it was great. I was in the moment and really felt like I was racing.

Copenhagen was one of those “learning experiences”. Where you just have to be happy with the experience because you can’t really be happy with the results. This was the first World Cup where everyone was there, and I was expecting it to be much harder than the others, but in the 200m time trial I didn’t do the time I had expected for myself. 16 riders qualify to the next round and I was 17th. It made me feel like the other World Cups were fake; that they were false confidence boosters and I am really not that good. I was overwhelmed by how far I have to go.

On Sunday we had the keirins and in my first heat there was:
Anna Meares: Olympic silver medalist, sprints
Victoria Pendleton: Current World Champion and Olympic Champion, sprints
Lizandra Guerra: Current World Champion, 500m Time Trial
Lulu Zheng: Qualified 7th in the sprints
2 other girls.

The top 2 move on, the others go into the rep which is a 2nd chance of making it to the next round. You have to win the rep to move on.

I came 3rd in both the first heat and the rep. Making the next round was very important for me to get points for the World Championships, but I didn’t. I was very disappointed in how I raced my keirin’s because I was not confident and did not execute my plan.

But it wasn’t all lost. I was much more in the mix in the keirins, and was aware of the things happening around me. If I had been more confident in my speed I may have qualified. I had a poor 200 but that does not mean I have not made progress this year and I have one month to prepare for the World Championships in Poland. I really do feel I can do better there and am ready for the challenge.


3 thoughts on “Denmark reviewed

  1. change your limited beliefs about what you can and cannot do (even if the best of the best are at Worlds. A miracle is your capacity to change your belief and allow the impossible. “WHY NOT YOU”!!! then watch you fly. It all starts and ends in the mind…the body performs based on what the mind told the subconscious. Watch your thinking.

  2. I couldn’t sleep so I’ve been catching up on your blog archives (Ariana and her sister Portia keep telling me about things on it such as the sock dog, and fabric paint which we are going to buy tomorrow.) Anyway I am enjoying every single entry but felt funny to post a comment each time, but I loved the comment on here by Suzanne enough to have to write. It is so TRUE! Mental and spiritual training are as important as physical.

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