A lovely thing

A race report will follow, but as most of you only care about my racing (I think) I am going to post this first so maybe you will read it. Because it really is worth it. And I will keep it short I promise.


Today I made Giant Lima Beans with Stewed Tomatoes and Oregano Pesto. (And I must admit, it is an all day affair, even more so than gluing tubulars) but it is well worth it, and I suggest that you make it as soon as you fly home from Europe and need to keep yourself busy all day but you are not quite able to do anything truly productive, and finishing the laundry really isn’t that appealing.
Or maybe on Sunday. Like this Sunday.

The large Lima beans might be hard to find but find them you must. I added some roasted almonds to the pesto and it added a nice bit of flavour. The pesto is very strong, and you only need a touch, but it really finishes the dish nicely. I added some chicken tenders when I baked it which fit in perfectly and the whole thing turned into a nice little stew; Comforting and creamy from the beans, salty from the feta and a touch of freshness from the pesto.
I think it may even compete with something my mom would make. (gasp!)


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