World Cup #5: Denmark

I don’t have a single photo to post.

I would love to write an exciting update but this trip has been very relaxed so far. The flights were painless (except for the $225 USD in baggage fees) . The hotel is nice and training has been great. I have been going much faster than before Beijing and I trust my legs will stick around until tomorrow.

After training my afternoons have passed in a bit of a jet lag fog, content to sit on my bed staring into space or reading my book. I have done a bit of embroidery and Richard (the coach on this trip) suggested that I start sewing my own leg warmers and shoe covers. I really like the idea but I think it will have to wait until I get home. Bringing a sewing machine to World Cups might be a bit excessive.

Although. I have been going through a bit of baking withdrawal since Christmas because I didn’t think it was practical to buy baking ingredients for 3 months. But today I bought a Danish Baking mix (of the cake they served with supper yesterday, it was delicious, sort of a simple pound cake on the bottom and a sugar and shredded coconut topping) and I am very excited about it. I spent 10 minutes making sure I could decipher the instructions which was a surprisingly pleasant activity, and I can’t wait to go home and bake.


2 thoughts on “World Cup #5: Denmark

  1. I have been sharing in your jet-lagged fog. Why isn’t the melatonin working this time? And thanks again for bringing the pump in your luggage. I feel I should contribute to your overweight fee. Maybe I will pay for our desert and movie on Sunday after racing for starters :).

  2. Good to hear love that things have run smoothly, and that your legs are well sonic should I say? Have a lovely Belgium day! xoxox

    sending you some cosmic angel speed dust, reach up and grab it*

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