Not in school but still being tested

After a really good week of training, and still recovering from jet lag, by Saturday morning I was pretty tired and ready for the week to be over. Just one more workout to get through and I was home free.
Except when I got to the track Tanya surprised me with a new plan.

“Hey Monique you are going to do a 200 hundred today. Don’t worry about the time, it’s about the process.”
What? What does that mean? 200’s (a 200m sprint, a race event) are the only thing you can do in training where you can see, without extrapolating, exactly where you are at. So process or not, it gets into your head. And it is not what I felt like doing that morning. There’s no faking it. You have to get yourself excited and pumped and you have to kill it!

Well this very exciting news almost made me cry. I just wanted to go home. I didn’t have the energy to get pumped. Screw you Tanya, you did this on purpose to test me. Fine, I’ll do your stupid test but then I am going home.

Anyway, it worked out fine, I did my thing and my first 50 was good. (The rest of the 200, well, I didn’t even ask the time, and Tanya didn’t share.) And I felt better afterwards.

So my point is that she was testing me. Just like you might ask your boyfriend a very specific question expecting a certain answer. Except doing that to your boyfriend is horrible and bound to fail. But here, it’s perfectly reasonable.


One thought on “Not in school but still being tested

  1. hahaha, perfect ending! I always start those boyfriend questions with I dont really want to know the answer, but I cant stop myself from asking… that way I think he gets the hint, just to be kind.

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