Thoughts after the match Sprints (Jan 18th 09)

The past week has been hard for me because I never had a really good day at the track. I was consistent, dear heavens I was consistent, but I wasn’t doing the times I wanted or expected. So I really had to trust that on race day I would pull it together. That on race day it would be fine. I am a racer, I usually do better on race day but still. That’s a lot of trust when every day I went into training thinking “Ok Monique, this is your day. Get it out today. You will go fast today.” So my enthusiasm for racing was a bit dry the last couple days.

Once the excitement from being in China and going to the silk Market wore off and I had hours alone in my hotel room, I just felt a bit stale. I was not excited to race. I knew that I needed to change my attitude if I was going to perform. I knew I had an opportunity today, I just didn’t believe it. So I did what I could think of to put myself together. (I have gone through this before, on the morning on the keirin at juniors 07, and was able to pull myself together but this time was much easier.)

1. I watched Mulan. (“I will make a man out of you!”)
2. I watched some YouTube from the Olympics
3. I wrote affirmations (These work surprisingly well if you say em enough times)
4. I visualized
5. I went to sleep

When I woke up I was feeling much better but to get my vibe going you aren’t going to believe what I did.
I had a dance party! I turned on some Suzie McNeil and hopped around my room for a few minutes. It was so much fun. Then, inspired by a comment in my inbox, I wrote Joy on my hand. Because I wanted to feel happy and satisfied after my racing. Then I set out for the track.

And I had a great morning. I wasn’t nervous like I was in Manchester. I knew what I had to do and I stayed calm. And I was able to be more aware and enjoy. I qualified 9th (the same as Manchester) and lost the 1/8 finals. But this was ok because the losers of the first round continue and do a B sprint tournament. And I won the B Sprints! 9th place, 2 spots higher than Manchester. Pretty exciting.



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