Goodbye Camp… Hope to see you again soon

The camp was great. As a team we don’t have a lot but we were all really grateful to be here and it showed with a really good training environment. Richard and Tanya put us through some really tough workouts and everyone was keen to get up there and do their best. It was very professional.

I don’t ride for a team, and right now I don’t have any full time sprint training partners, so sometimes it feels like I’m at this alone. Tanya and Monique taking on the World. (The sprint world anyway) But when we come together like this I am reminded that I am part of a team. The Canadian Team. And it’s new and small, but it’s what we have and it’s a great group.

Here is a little video a Warm Up. Jamie Staff (British Olympic Champion) is out here on vacation and rode with us. You can’t tell very well here, but he is one BIG guy.

And a little interview… My first time speaking French in a while, (can you hear my brain searching for the words? It sounds like um) but it’s not too bad!

Videos courtesy Richard Wooles


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Camp… Hope to see you again soon

  1. Monique your french rocks! I have to remember the ‘ummmm’ en francais the next time I have to try to speak french :)))) Good luck in Beijing!

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