For those of you who don’t know me, At All, I love food. Often I am in a hotel with little or no kitchen and I refuse to eat chicken and pasta every night with the occasional stir fry thrown in. So I am going to experiment with quick and easy healthy dishes and if you are interested will keep you updated. This one is for Anna in particular because she loves pho.

I bought a Thai Kitchen Lemongrass and Chile Rice Noodle soup bowl (not to be specific or anything) and before I poured in the boiling water I threw in some shredded carrots, green beans and leftover chicken breast. After letting it sit for 3 minutes I added some bean sprouts, green onions and cilantro. It was actually quite tasty!

There is no picture today because I forgot. When I remembered my little soup bowl didn’t look very tasty anymore.


3 thoughts on “Recipes?

  1. I definitely like this idea. I, for one, just went to the grocery store again and almost left with just hummus, carrots, apples and peanut butter. I ended up getting some fish… yet the end result was mediocre at best. love.

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