Out of the cold and doing some riding worth talking about!

Ever since I decided to take a semester off school and move to California to train full time for three months I have been sort of up and down with my emotions. Super excited one day and sad to be leaving the next, but I always knew it was important for me to go.

It’s time to move out of mom and dad’s; since I graduated high school I have gotten urges to be on my own. Usually it’s simple things like the way I want to organize my fridge and the kinds of meals I want to eat, and I realize these ‘perks’ may wear off, but they are important to me. My parents have been so generous, SO generous, but there’s a time to move on and so I have started that.

And I needed to try being a full time athlete. School is really important to me but it has become increasingly difficult to go to school during the winter. Don’t they know that’s when all the World Cups are?
My time away is going to fly by, and I really do have some exciting things coming up. Right now I am at a training camp with the National and Development team in Los Angeles. I was looking forward to the camp because I love, love, love training with a group of people. It does not happen very often and I find it incredibly motivating. Day 1 was today, and we had a really good speed session. I haven’t “moved” (as Mark would say) in over a month, (All stationary training on rollers and trainers.) and I was really happy with how my legs felt, I find it hard to get a feel for how I’m really going, or if the training is working without getting on the track.


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