This is dedicated to my french roots and to my Mémére who shared this with my mom.

Layers of meat and dough. Baked gloriously for 5 hours until golden and rich and heavenly. It has become a new tradition around here for Christmas, and I must say that it beats out a turkey. And although I’ve never had one, I think it would even beat out a turkenducken.



2 thoughts on “C-Pâte

  1. Hi Monique
    Happy New Year!
    Your Mom sent me your blog address. Very well done.
    Congratulations on your endeavors and success in cycling.
    Very impressive. Your Mom is very proud of you.
    I see you have a liking for C-Pâte Did your Mom give you the recipe?
    If so could you send it along.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Gary, thanks for the note! I hope you are doing well!
    I will ask my mom for the recipe. I watched here make it and it really did look easy. I will update the post when I get it from her.

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